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Barina Barina

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic sound :) reminds me of Omikron and David Bowie for some reason. Love it!

hjhkbn responds:

Thank you! I'm very glad that you liked it! There will be more to come eventually

Boss Music 1 (no door) Boss Music 1 (no door)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

aww no more door :(

yay ^_^ great work you fixed the door sound thing good job I shall be submitting my own composed pieces shortly so please take the time to look at my stuff too if you will :D enjoy! ^^

DrClay responds:

Theirs a door its just in the other one. but i made another one to fix it.
i will be seeing your music from time to time if i can.
good luck with your stuff.
thanks for the review.

my Boss music 1 my Boss music 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Dude... why somewhere inbetween your song there is the sound of like someone Slamming a door shut? it scared me I thought someone had entered my room LOL!! but nice dance beat for a boss theme though it could have had a little more intensity that's what a gamer needs when fighting a boss ^_^ but a very good effort keep it up !!

DrClay responds:

Heh your right i just realized that door slam thing lol.
well i tryed my best at this for intensity. but around after i made the buzzing parts notes i kinda ran out of ideas. i waited about 3 or 4 days to come up with something yet it remained blank. however this is only my first try so i can always make another. lol

PS your right about the fact that the gamer needs intensity when fighting a boss. good job pointing that out.

good luck with your stuff 2.

That One Mario Song! That One Mario Song!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nothing but Mario Goodness !! :D

I love this little tune, I recognize it also but I don't know which mario game it's from but it's a funky little tune, wouldn't mind having it as my Mobile/ Cell phone ring tone hehe keep up the good work ^_^ oh by the way to answer your question with me playing my Casio Keyboard on how I interchange the beats, it has a Variation/fill-in of which ever beat is built-in the keyboard so it has like 2 versions of the same beat and I just have to press the button for it to change to the other veriation of it thanx for your reviews on my songs!! keep up with the creation of game music I LOVE IT!!

Jebbal responds:

Hehe. Cell phone ring tone... XD

Thanks for answering my question, but I already have ANOTHER one! It's in the review I wrote for your new Final Fantasy song. You're going to have to make quite an effort to keep up with my questions! XD

I've got kind of a tradition to give all of my good, honest reviewers cookies and hot chocolate. Normally you only get one cookie and one hot chocolate, but Mario Music Maker didn't want his on his review on this song, so now you get TWO cookies and TWO hot chocolates! What do you think of that?! Pretty good, eh? LOL

Thanks for your fun and lengthy review! I enjoyed reading it!

And BTW Mario Music Maker, you can still get your cookie and hot chocolate. Review my next song when it comes out and I'll give you two of each! =D Now EVERYONE'S happy!!